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Whether you are interested in bridal showers, bachelorette parties, corporate events, or sightseeing tours in Mystic, CT, we have the most comfortable, affordable and are safest riding vessels in town. You can book one of our daily cruises or a private charter. No matter what cruising experience you are looking for, Mystic Harbor Cruise Lines has you covered!

Mystic Pearl

Mystic Pearl 28 Passengers Day / 15 Overnight / 74FT

Built in 1985, the Mystic Pearl was launched from Plattsburgh, New York. It was designed by naval architect, Merritt Walters as one of his one of a kind "rover" designs built specifically to operate as a charter vessel. Merritt has a rich maritime history himself being first in the Navy and then called to NOAA as the first Fleet Inspector of vessels. This led him to become the Chief of marine engineering and ship construction. Later in 1978, he formed his own design firm, Rover Marine, and followed his passion for designing traditional style sailing ships like the Mystic Pearl.

Our liner is a true gem. The Mystic Pearl is a gaff rigged traditional steel hull schooner, with comfortable seating on the deck for up to 49 passengers and accommodations down below to sleep 10 guests and five crew. Majestic in looks but also very seaworthy, the vessel is now available for downriver cruises, day sails on the Fishers Island Sound, and private day charters. Additionally, she is a beauty for wedding photos and team building events. The Mystic Pearl will also be available for private term charters (4-7 days) in 2020.


Patience 130 Passengers/72FT 

Patience, built in 1982 at the acclaimed Billings Shipyard of Stonington, Maine
as an almost exact replica of her sister-ship Prudence only slightly larger at 72
Ft. Patience is available for public cruises and private parties on the Mystic River
and Fisher’s Island Sound for up to 130 passengers.
Patience, a true New Englander, was appropriately named after the sister island
to Prudence Island in the Narragansett Bay. She went straight to work in Hyannis Port providing tours of the Kennedy compound day after day for 30 years.
Purchased by Capt Wilkes in 2015 she made her big debut in Mystic in 2018. Patience is very stable riding has lots of seating and deck space, a galley and a bar
plus two heads. With indoor covered space and open deck space, she is the perfect boat for a party or just a cruise down the river. Patience is the largest Charter boat available on the Mystic River!


Prudence 100 Passengers/64FT 

Rich in maritime history, the historic vessel “Prudence” has found her way to the iconic Seaport town of Mystic, CT. Prudence will be available for Private cruise parties of up to 100 passengers beginning July 2019.

Prudence is one of only three original “Coastal Steamers” left in the water today. At 64 ft overall she was built with white oak frames and planking at the famed Boothbay Harbor Shipyard in Maine and launched in 1911. Converted to diesel power in the 60’s she still has the undeniable look of an early 20th-century steamer.

Prudence, named after a small island in the Narragansett Bay, was used as a ferry from Bristol RI for more than 50 years. She survived the hurricane of 1938 and was found floating freely amongst massive debris with her lines still tied to the piers that had broken free from land in the middle of the bay!

A survivor and hard worker, she was then purchased by the Scudder family in Hyannis Port, MA and used as a sightseeing tour boat of the Kennedy compound for another 50 years. Retiring at 100 years old in 2011 with over 2 million riders under her belt before Captain Wilkes purchased her in 2013 and converted her to the more luxurious private party boat she is today. Prudence is one of the oldest charter boats available on the Mystic River!